Indigo Starr is a workshop based company that promotes holistic mindfulness while using play to bridge the gap between creativity and unintended meditation.

Meditation workshops combined with mindful play are used to promote peace and healing to the body, mind and spirit. Research proves that this has mental, spiritual, and vast amounts of physical benefits. Meditation and mindfulness both in children and adults are what we focus on, while also including other fun based healing modals to perpetuate an experience of being our very best selves.

Indigo Starr Workshops provide you with the ability to immerse your creative self into a mindful experience. We always encourage and support all ages in welcoming themselves to rise to their fullest potential.

Meah Kądziela

Under the apprenticeship of her father, a well known accomplished N.D. and alternative healer, Meah started out as a small girl harvesting a true appreciation and love for nature, mindfulness and herbalism.

As a young entrepreneur Meah started her twenties by lending her fashion expertise to the Andover area by opening and running her own successful retail boutique. After several years, eventually, she decided to take a break from fashion and focus instead on the journey of raising her two children as a full time stay at home mother.

Being immersed in this new life brought newfound appreciation for what she knew she could and should do with her next chapter in life. Working to help navigate the passageway to wellbeing and wholeness using a holistic approach. Years of studying in the fields of wellness, healing, herbalism and meditation had led Meah to her main objective that of which is encompassed in Indigo Starr. It is her wish and heartfelt desire that she spread the message of love, unity and heightened cognizance to all.