Camps for Kids

$250 per camp.
Monday to Thursday, 930am - 1pm
Ages 7-12, Drop Off
Bring Your Own Lunch (organic snack provided)

Sibling Discounts
Multiple Camp Discounts
Referral to a friend that registers ($25 off your camp)

Empowerment Camp

During this week we will explore what empowerment means. We will use the Goddess and Warrior yoga poses, adorn & mindfully create affirmation journals. We will learn how positive self-talk can calm the mind and practice leadership with fellow students.

Scent-sory Camp

We will delve into the world of essential oils, discuss how scent can boost happiness & calm the mind. We will mindfully create room sprays & body sprays, as well as hand organic hand sanitizing sprays, natural play dough and essential oil slime. This will be a week that includes learning about pranayama breathing and how it benefits our mind and eases anxiety and stress from our daily lives.

Capture Your Dream Camp

This camp week will be filled with the stuff dreams are made of! Creating our very own dream journals, learning about the healing effects of dream crystals, and designing our very own traditionally hand -crafted dream catchers. We will discuss how to allow our bodies to provide a more peaceful nights sleep and calming tactics to assist in that endeavor.

Gratitude Camp

This week we will make a decoupage box and fill it with notes on gratitude. We will learn a variety of yoga poses, including humble warrior. We will create a surprise gift to take home and share with our loved ones. This is surely a week where the gift of recognizing our blessings will take precedence.